About Us

We are concerned with the rapid increase in the use of internet and as such we intend to improve our participation in the same era, through which we may be able to cope with the changing times.  Though the task is challenging and time taking, all the same we have ventured out, taking the heavy responsibilities over our shoulders.

We are a group of five and closely related to each other in the bond of brotherhood and friendship, based upon the strong belief to be useful and to add to the welfare of each other, the relation being very old and covering a period of more than ten or so years, though we don’t have blood relation to each other. We strongly believe in the betterment of mankind, regardless of their faith or belief or religion.

We also believe that there is no ending to seeking knowledge, as it is as vast and wide as anything can be. In this sense, we are the learners and beginners. Our belief knows no bounds as to be helpful to others. Our faith is that all the human beings are equal and their race, their colour, their religion do not matter.

We wanna create peace for others, and do every possible effort to prevail it. Peace is the basic key for humanity to prosper and flourish. This is the background on which.