North Korea Executed 5 Officials

North Korea hanged its special envoy to the U. S. following the collapse of the second summit between leader Kim Erica Jong international organisation and President Donald Trump, a South Korean newspaper reportable Fri.
The Chosun Ilbo aforesaid Kim Hyok Chol, UN agency arranged the groundwork for the national capital meeting and attended Kim on his personal train, was dead by firing party for “betraying the supreme leader” once he was turned by the U.S.A..

“Kim Hyok Chol was dead in March at Mirim landing field together with four senior foreign ministry officers following associate investigation,” the newspaper quoted associate unidentified supply as spoken communication.

The other officers weren’t named.

Kim Hyok Chol was the North’s counterpart folks special representative Sir Leslie Stephen Biegun within the run-up to the national capital summit in Feb.

South Korea’s Unification Ministry, that handles inter-Korean relations, declined to discuss the report.

The paper additionally aforesaid Kim Erica Jong Un’s interpreter Shin Hye Yong was sent to a jail camp for a blunder at the summit.

She didn’t translate Kim’s new proposal once Trump declared “no deal” and walked far from the table, Chosun reportable, citing another unknown diplomatic supply.

Kim Erica Jong international organisation and Trump left the Vietnamese capital while not a deal once they didn’t reach agreement on rolling back Pyongyang’s nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief.

The North has since wanted to boost the pressure and disbursed 2 short-range missile tests in could.

Senior party official Kim Yong Chol, the North’s counterpart to Secretary of State microphone Pompeo in nuclear talks, was additionally sent to a labour camp, the paper aforesaid.

In April, South Korea’s parliamentary intelligence committee aforesaid Kim Yong Chol had been censured over his handling of the national capital summit, despite the actual fact he had recently been named a member of the State Affairs Commission, a supreme administration chaired by Kim Erica Jong international organisation.

News of the reportable purge came as North Korea’s official Rodong Sinmun newspaper, mouthpiece of the ruling party, Th warned that officers UN agency committed anti-party or anti-revolutionary acts would face the “stern judgement of the revolution”.

Previous South Korean reports of North Korean purges and executions have later tested inaccurate.

The Chosun Ilbo itself incorrectly reportable in 2013 that Hyon Song Wol, head of the North’s Samjiyon Orchestra, was dead by firing party for distributing and observance sexy content.


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