JPMorgan Chase Settles With Dad

Before the birth of his second son, Derek Rotondo set he wished to pay longer reception – each to bond with the newborn and to a lot of equally get a divorce the caregiving along with his mate.
The Ohio father asked his leader, JPMorgan Chase, for the paid parental leave the corporate offered to primary caregivers. however he was told that in most cases, solely mothers would be eligible for the total sixteen weeks, Rotondo aforementioned. Unless he may prove that his mate had came back to figure or was medically incapable of caring for the baby, Rotondo would solely be eligible for 2 weeks of paid leave.

In response, Rotondo filed a criticism with the Equal Employment chance Commission 2 years past, claiming the company’s paid leave policy discriminated against men.

On weekday, JPMorgan Chase aforementioned it in agreement to pay $5 million to settle a class-action proceedings filed on behalf of Rotondo and alternative male workers United Nations agency contend they were denied access to the identical paid parental leave as mothers between 2011 and 2017.

The yank Civil Liberties Union, that diagrammatic Rotondo, aforementioned this marks the primary settlement of its kind stemming from a class-action proceedings on behalf of male workers claiming they were denied the identical equal paid parental leave as girls. The settlement conjointly comes amid growing pressure on employers to adopt gender-neutral paid leave policies that encourage a lot of equitable caregiving roles within the home.

“I suppose it sends a transparent message that if an organization is in a position to and will provide leave that it must be enforced equally across each genders,” Rotondo aforementioned in associate degree interview. “If papa is in a position to be home with their kids also, then each oldsters will share the responsibilities.”

After his second son was born, Rotondo didn’t qualify as a primary caregiver below Chase’s parental paid leave policy as a result of his mate, a teacher, had the summer off work, Rotondo aforementioned. In December 2017, when Rotondo filed his criticism with the EEOC, Chase modified its policy to clarify that each fathers and mothers were eligible for the “primary caregiver” sixteen weeks of paid leave.

As of mid-2018, nonprimary caregivers are eligible for 6 weeks of paid leave, per Chase. The policy conjointly applies to adoptive oldsters and same-sex parents. A parent also can modification his or her caregiver standing if circumstances change, the corporate aforementioned.

“We are happy to own reached associate degree agreement during this matter and appearance forward to a lot of effectively act the policy in order that all men and ladies workers are tuned in to their advantages,” aforementioned Thomas Reid Broda, associate general counsel for JPMorgan Chase. “We convey mister. Rotondo for transferral the pertain our attention.”

As a part of the planned category settlement, JPMorgan Chase pledged to coach those administering the policy and pay $5 million to male workers United Nations agency claim they were denied further paid parental leave as primary caregivers. Chase isn’t admitting liability within the settlement.

The proceedings alleges that JPMorgan Chase’s parental leave policy violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Ohio honest Employment Practices Act, and alternative state and native laws prohibiting sex discrimination within the geographical point.

“Chase could be a leader and an infinite leader, and that we expect alternative smaller employers can note,” aforementioned Peter Romer-Friedman, one in all the lawyers representing Rotondo on behalf of the firm Outten & Golden. “This settlement offers a blueprint for what are often done.”

Galen Sherwin, a senior employees professional person at the Women’s Rights Project of the ACLU, aforementioned the agreement conjointly sends associate degree affirmative message to fathers, encouraging them to require advantage of parental leave. It conjointly carries on the heritage of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, United Nations agency co-founded the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project and championed the importance of representing men as caregivers. whereas at the ACLU, Ginsburg believed “we weren’t visiting be ready to come through equality within the geographical point for ladies unless there’s equality reception,” Sherwin aforementioned.

“This settlement, I think, could be a milestone on that path,” Sherwin additional.

The u. s. is that the solely industrialised country that doesn’t guarantee staff paid leave. however a lot of employers than ever are providing paid maternity leave, and therefore the issue is gaining momentum each in Congress and among the candidates for the 2020 presidential election. In Gregorian calendar month, a bunch of senators and members of Congress introduced legislation to make a gender-neutral, national paid family and medical leave program.

“In Washington nowadays, policymakers from the Hill to the White House are visiting be pondering however paid parental leave is very important and will be enacted into law, however it’s to be equal,” Romer-Friedman aforementioned. “No one is equal unless most are equal.”

Rotondo, United Nations agency has worked as a fraud investigator at JPMorgan since 2010, aforementioned the additional time reception has allowed him to develop a more in-depth bond along with his second son, Lincoln, than he did once his firstborn was younger.

“I suppose all new dads particularly reasonably assume that babies are these mysterious, wizardly beings which solely the mothers will speak the language,” Rotondo aforementioned. “But I found that that’s not extremely true.”

Now, once Lincoln wakes up frightened within the middle of the night, Rotondo is that the go-to parent United Nations agency calms him down enough to fall back asleep.


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