Japan’s ‘Supreme’ Bullet Train Hits Record Speed Of 360 Kmph

A new model of bullet set to enter service sooner than the Yeddo athletic competition hit a record speed of 360 kilometers (224 miles) per hour during a test run, operator Junior Central aforesaid.
The N700s — the suffix stands for ‘supreme’ — is that the initial new model of bullet on Japan’s busiest line for pretty much a decade. The train is lighter and uses less energy than current styles, additionally as boast extra safety options just in case of earthquakes.

The record was achieved late Friday on tracks linking Maibara and metropolis, aforesaid Central Japan Railway Co., higher referred to as Junior Central. It’s the quickest speed an advertisement model of shinkansen bullet has ever achieved, though the train is anticipated to run at the line’s current high speed of 285 kilometres per hour once it enters service.

JR Central is disbursement 240 billion yen ($2.2 billion) on the introduction of the train series, and can continue tests at the highest speed till middle June.

Japan’s bullet trains, that debuted the identical year because the 1964 Yeddo athletic competition, are noted for his or her dependableness and safety. Japan is pitching the trains for export, with Junior Central going to sell the Supreme model to Texas and Taiwan.

Another Junior company, East Japan Railway Co., is presently testing the Alfa-X, which is able to operate at 360 kilometres per hour once it’s introduced in 2030 on lines linking Yeddo to the northern island of Hokkaido.


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