Victims Of Alleged US Sex Cult Followed Near-Starvation Diets

Several ladies members of associate alleged the big apple sex cult, as well as “Smallville”Allison Macintosh, became perilously skinny once following near-starvation player diets at the direction of the group’s leader, a 12-year veteran of the cluster testified on Monday.
The old member, producer Mark Vicente, could be a key prosecution witness at the criminal trial of Keith Raniere, whom authorities have defendant of forcing feminine “slaves” at intervals his Nxivm organization to possess sex with him, melt off and acquire branded along with his initials.

Vicente, United Nations agency left Nxivm in 2017, same he told Raniere that Macintosh appeared “broken,” and Raniere responded, “I’m making an attempt to interrupt her.”

Mack, United Nations agency marked within the tv series “Smallville” for a decade, was one in every of 5 co-defendants, as well as Seagram liquor heir Clare Bronfman, United Nations agency antecedently pleaded guilty to Nxivm-related crimes.
Vicente told jurors in United States of America District Court in Brooklyn that the ladies would push their diets even more, limiting themselves to some hundred calories on a daily basis, as penance if they slipped up.

“There perceived to be reasonably a club of young ladies gathering around Allison Macintosh, and that they simply didn’t look healthy,” he same.

Vicente antecedently told jurors that Raniere’s recruits came to look at him as “some reasonably god,” due to a publicity that represented him as a genius of alone insight.

Prosecutors say Raniere listed on it standing to force feminine “slaves” United Nations agency had joined a close guild at intervals Nxivm to follow his each command. The slaves were needed to submit “collateral,” like nude photos, that Raniere then used as blackmail to squeeze their compliance, in step with authorities.

Raniere’s professional has argued at trial that the ladies joined voluntarily and were ne’er forced to try to to something against their can. Raniere faces life in jail if condemned.

Raniere and his nearest acolytes exercised strict discipline and management over his followers, Vicente same, forcing people who questioned his leadership to bear coaching and excommunicating those who went against the cluster.

“Many folks became terribly, terribly careful of the words we tend to used,” he same.

Vicente, United Nations agency became the group’s unofficial video grapher, told jurors last week he was asked by the group’s president, metropolis Salzman, to form videos showing Raniere in a very positive light-weight.

“I very would am fond of it if Keith Raniere doesn’t die a criminal within the eyes of the planet,” Salzman told Vicente, in step with his testimony. Salzman has pleaded acquitted.


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