Georgia’s Ex-President Swaps Politics For Life Of An Airbnb Landlord

Former presidents typically want the remunerative international lecture circuit, be part of the boards of major firms, or founded their own foundations. Georgia’s low key president has taken a unique path: turning into associate Airbnb landholder.
After 5 years in workplace, Giorgi Margvelashvili, ex-Soviet Georgia’s fourth president, has additionally came back to his former life as a politics teacher.

Turning his back on frontline politics at the tip of last year, the 49-year-old and his young family board the provincial city of Dusheti, sixty kilometres north-west of the capital Tbilisi, wherever he has started rental out a bungalow close to his own house to supplement his financial gain.

“It’s quite a enriching expertise showing emotion,” Margvelashvili told Reuters in associate interview. “Their (guests’) comments regarding however they prefer it, or however they assume that I’ve crafted one thing well, or however they’ve enjoyed the read…is very exciting on behalf of me in person.”

Margvelashvili, UN agency has no state pension to fall back on, has additionally turned to woodworking, creating furnishings and different objects, a number of that he uses to furnish his rental property set during a peaceful rural area setting.
The ex-politician started property out the bungalow to tourists around 2 months past. Since then, a pair of dozen individuals have stayed within the one-bedroom property.

He aforesaid some guests, chiefly Georgians, knew that he accustomed be the country’s president, whereas for others, like tourists from different former Soviet republics or from European countries, it came as a surprise.

It’s a so much cry from his previous life as a pro-Western non-partisan politician UN agency presidential powers were restricted and who typically had tense relations with each the country’s ruling party and also the opposition.

He and his adult female and 2 young youngsters board a modest two-storey house close to the rental property. His house is additionally provided with several things that he created and is adorned with paintings by Maka Chichua, his wife.

“My retirement from politics…is also how of attempting to form a precedent during this country wherever there’s a life once politics,” he aforesaid.

Strolling through a yard that enjoys spectacular views of the encircling landscape, he aforesaid he was considering adding a horse riding business and gin works to his little estate.

When asked whether or not he lost his previous job as president he was unequivocal: “Not in the slightest degree.”


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