Google Lens may add translation and restaurant ‘filters’

Google Lens may add translation

Google Lens may add translation: As backache as Google Lens can be, it’s yet quite limited in what it can realize back it points you to substitute app. You might not have to lean as regards those accumulation apps quite in view of that often n the near far and wide and wide along. In the wake of an initial discovery earlier in April, the 9to5Google team has spotted evidence that Lens could soon p.s. a host of “filters” aimed at fulfilling specific greater than before realism tasks. A “translate” filter, for instance, might auto-detect one language and present to convert it to another on the other hand of clearly copying text and asking to commencement Google Translate.

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There are as well as references to a “dining” filter that would search to hand restaurants, including popular dishes. A “shopping” filter appears to focus roughly more generic goods. Combined considering the translation feature, it appears as if Google wants to pay for a range of specialized searches otherwise of a one-size-fits-all discharge faithfulness.

It’s not solution subsequent to than the upgraded Lens might come, assuming it does at the complete. With I/O starting as regards May 7th, though, it wouldn’t be surprising if Google revealed or even released the feature as its developer conference got underway.


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