TikTok update – Two huge new features announced and here’s how to use them

TIKTOK is receiving two new features that look set to make the hugely popular video sharing app even better.
TikTok initially launched in September of 2016 in China but has since debuted overseas.

Since its release, the software has gained incredible traction and had over 500 million users globally as of July last year.

TikTok allows users to share short music videos that can be three to 15 seconds in length.
However, fans also have the option to post looping videos that up to 60 seconds.

TikTok encourages users to be creative and experimental in their posts with many choosing to intricately weave the timing of music with actions happening in the clip.

The app is simple to use; the home page is a list of videos that are split into two categories.

TikTok allows users to scroll through clips from users they are following and recommends new content in a “for you” tab.

Fans are able to like, comment and share each video and can also view the profile of the user that posted it.A search page is also present in the software that allows users to find new content and also displays trending hashtags.

TikTok has myriad features that make it appealing, but a new update is adding even greater functionality for fans.

Firstly, TikTok is now offering users more screen time management options.

Although the app already allows fans to enable a limit of two hours on the app, users will now have the option to select if they only want to spend 40, 60 or 90 minutes on the software.
Additionally, TikTok is also improving its restricted viewing mode function that harnesses the power of AI to filter videos for audiences that do not want to view certain types of content.

Such a tool will surely be incredibly popular with parents whose children are taking advantage of the app.

The fresh functionality can be enabled by heading to TikTok’s settings, in the digital wellbeing section.

TikTok’s new features are available to take advantage of right now


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