Lori Loughlin’s daughter, Olivia Jade, comes under fire online over college-cheating scanda

The social media influencer and University of Southern California student is now under scrutiny over past online comments such as, “I don’t really care about school.”

The indictment of fifty individuals, as well as “Full House” star Lori Loughlin, in a very faculty examination cheating plot, LED to the resurfacing of past comments from her female offspring, YouTube celebrity and social media influencer Olivia Jade.

It additionally depart an internet discussion concerning what several see as a school admissions system that favors the rich.

Loughlin and her husband, dressmaker Mossimo Giannulli, united to pay bribes totaling $500,000 to bolster their 2 daughters’ possibilities of gaining admission to the University of Southern Golden State, the indictment claims.

But one among the daughters, Olivia Giannulli, UN agency goes by the name Olivia Jade and is currently in her initial year at USC, apparently didn’t continually need to travel to school.

In 2018, Olivia Jade — UN agency has virtually two million YouTube subscribers — aforesaid in a very video: “I don’t acumen a lot of of college I’m gonna attend … I do need the expertise of like game days, partying … I don’t very care concerning faculty, as you guys all grasp.”

She later denote associate apology video, entitled, “im sorry,” within which she apologized for the comments and aforesaid, “A ton of individuals prefer to attack ME for the means I’ve fully grown up as a result of it’s very completely different from plenty of individuals, and then something I say that’s remotely ignorant or impolite or one thing that I genuinely do not mean, it gets most backlash.”

HaqHoo News was unable to right away reach either her or her mother for comment.

Olivia Jade has continuing to precise views that attending faculty wasn’t her dream. in a very recent podcast interview on the “Zach Panax quinquefolius Show,” she aforesaid she attends USC “mostly as a result of my folks very needed ME to travel.”

She additionally tweeted last month that creating YouTube videos is her “#1 passion.” “I promise I’d means well be cinematography 24/7 than sitting in six hours of categories straight,” she said.
A thriving social media influencer with ample followers across platforms, Olivia Jade even seems to possess leveraged her new standing as a school student to draw in advertisers.

On Instagram, she denote an image sponsored by Smile Direct Club, an internet merchant of odontology retainers, saying, “For back-to-school season, I’ve been employing a doctor-directed, at-home invisible aligner treatment with @SmileDirectClub.”

She additionally denote footage of her in her sleeping room in a poster for Amazon Student.
The release of the indictment Tues depart dialogue on-line concerning racial and financial gain disparities in faculty admissions.

Clint Smith, a writer, teacher and academic degree candidate at Harvard University, denote that affluent folks will “buy their way” into elite colleges, whereas students of color and low-income students at such faculties ar usually created to feel “undeserving” of their admission.
In a statement, USC aforesaid it’s tuned in to the federal investigation which the school is “conducting a world investigation and can take employment actions as applicable.” The university additionally aforesaid it’s reviewing its admission processes to “ensure that such actions don’t occur going forward.”

Olivia Jade’s Instagram has been barraged with negative comments and jokes since the news skint concerning her mother’s indictment.

On her post for Direct Smile Club, @brihende wrote, “your smile could also be straight however your family is crooked.” Lori Loughlin had deleted her Instagram account by Tues afternoon, and Olivia Jade’s sister, Bella, created her account non-public.

On Olivia Jade’s most up-to-date post, @starsrborn wrote, “Honestly the very fact that you just and your sister scarf spots at USC from somebody UN agency worked laborious in highschool is on the far side distasteful.”

Before Olivia Jade disabled comments on her posts, the remark received three,840 likes


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