Israeli settlers attack 25 Palestinian homes in West Bank

Israeli settlers attack around 25 Palestinian homes Tuesday in the involved West Bank city of Al-Khalil, otherwise called Hebron.

Isa Amr, a Palestinian lobbyist, disclosed to Anadolu Agency a gathering of pioneers tossed stones at the houses and furthermore endeavored to set flame to some of them.

In the mean time, a gathering of Israeli pioneers assaulted a Palestinian man, causing him wounds, while he was crowding his sheep in open regions of the northern Jordan Valley, on Tuesday.

As per human rights lobbyist Aref Daraghmeh, pilgrims from Rotem illicit settlement, which is situated on the Palestinians’ property in Al-Farisiyya town, pursued down the Palestinian shepherd and struck him, departing his with wounds everywhere on his body.

According to Israeli media, Jewish settlers living in illegal settlements in the West Bank carried out 482 attacks against Palestinians in 2018.

Named “supremacist assaults” by the Israeli specialists, they included physical brutality, tossing stones, composing bigot mottos on the dividers of houses, harming vehicles and property and demolishing farmlands.

There are around 250 illicit Israeli settlements in the West Bank, which Israel involved after the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. More than 600,000 Israelis are living there.

As per universal law, every single Israeli settlement are illicit in the involved regions.

[Photo: Members of the Palestinian Youth Against Settlements (YAS) activists escort kids on their approach to class in Hebron, West Bank on February 10, 2019.


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