Pope Francis Makes History With Muslim Dialogue

The pope’s visit includes associate degree alfresco mass for one hundred thirty five,000 of the Muslim country’s million Catholic residents, set to be the biggest public gathering within the country’s history.
Pope Francis, the primary leader of the world’s one.3 billion Catholics to go to the peninsula, can attend associate degree religious meeting within the UAE on Monday as a part of his stretch to Muslims.
The Pope arrived in a very modest black Kia at Abu Dhabi’s presidential palace, wherever he was welcome with a lavish military parade.

Officers laid-off twenty one shots within the air, whereas jets flew overhead exploit white and yellow trails — the colors of the Vatican City flag.

The pope’s extremely heralded 48-hour visit to the United Arab Emirates will embrace associate degree alfresco mass on weekday for one hundred thirty five,000 of the Muslim country’s million Catholic residents, set to be the biggest public gathering within the country’s history.

The pope was expected to lift the difficulty of Asian country, ruined by a war during which the UAE could be a key player, in talks with Abu Dhabi’s prince Mohammed bin Zayed.

Yemen is that the scene of what the global organization calls the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, triggered by the intervention of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and their allies in a very war between the govt and Huthi rebels.

More than ten million Yemenis currently risk impending starvation.

‘Delighted’ to welcome pope –

Sheikh Mohammed aforesaid on Monday that UAE rulers were “delighted” to satisfy the Pope “in our state of tolerance”.

“We mentioned enhancing cooperation, consolidating dialogue, tolerance, human being and necessary initiatives to attain peace, stability and development for peoples and societies,” he tweeted.

Pope Francis, UN agency created history once he touched down in Abu Dhabi on Sunday night, aforesaid he came “as a brother, so as to put in writing a page of dialogue along, and to travel methods of peace together”.

To mark the occasion, the Pope offered the prince a framed medallion of the meeting between St. Francis Assisi — the pope’s soul — and also the swayer of Egypt Malek al-Kamel, in 1219.

Sheikh Mohammed, in turn, offered a deed for the plot of land on that the primary church within the UAE was designed.

The pope was set to satisfy with ruler Ahmed al-Tayeb — leader of Cairo’s Al-Azhar, Sunni Islam’s prestigious seat of learning — later Monday.

Sheikh Ahmed greeted the pope in person with associate degree embrace on Sunday night because the Pope arrived within the UAE capital Abu Dhabi.

The emirate’s prince was conjointly at the field to greet the Pope, UN agency has created strengthening ties between Christianity and Islam a cornerstone of his authorities.

Hours before he flies back to Rome on weekday, the pope can lead a mass at a structure within the capital.

Pope addresses Asian country war –

The UAE has dubbed 2019 its “year of tolerance”, however rights teams have criticised the country for its role in Asian country, wherever associate degree calculable ten,000 individuals are killed since the Saudi-led alliance as well as the UAE joined the government’s fight against the Huthis in 2015.

Rights teams, that have slammed the UAE over its intolerance of dissent, have conjointly urged the pope to lift the difficulty of Ahmed Mansoor, associate degree Emirati activist serving a 10-year time.

Before heading to the Gulf on Sunday, Pope Francis urged contenders in Asian country to respect a peace agreement and permit deliveries of food aid.

“The population is exhausted by the long conflict and a good several kids are full of hunger, however cannot access food depots,” he said.

“The cry of those kids and their folks rises up to God.”

The UAE, that prides itself on its non secular diversity within the Gulf, could be a member of the US-led coalition battling the monotheism State cluster in each Syrian Arab Republic and Asian nation.

The UAE has eight Catholic churches. Oman, Kuwait and Asian country every have four.

Qatar and Bahrain have one every, whereas ultra-conservative Sunni powerhouse Saudi Arabia bans all non-Muslim places of worship.

Muslims form up nearly four fifths of the UAE’s population, however the country is additionally home to just about 1,000,000 Catholics, consistent with the Apostolic institution of Southern peninsula.
Migrants from Asian countries form up concerning sixty five % of the population.


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