teenager sell kidney for purchasing iPhone

Young selling kidney for buying an iPhone:

(January 10, 2019) Node of buying new devices and phones, a teenager was disabled by kidney patients for ages.

According to a news from China, a young man sold his kidney to buy an iPhone, and after some time he was suffering from kidney disease and kept divergent with dials. Chinese youth was 17 years old when he was born eight years ago.

IPhone released, and the poor young man sold his kidney in a black market to buy it. Since then she has been diagnosed with kidney disease for eight years and has cleared her blood with dialysis machine. In 2011, the iPhone phone was the city’s status symbol.

However, this phone was out of reach of a poor schoolgirl Xiao Wu, after which she decided to buy a phone by selling a grid. On the hand of a human-born smuggler, he sold his healthy penis in $ 3200, but after that his life was destroyed. He was told that he could live on a kidney but the grabber smuggler took it. The illegal operation of the went there was no management in the theater and infection occurred in the wound. Wing did not give this news to the family and it was the end of his bad health.

He spread the infection to the other kidneys, and he was constantly underdeveloped due to weakness, but due to weakness he Can not rise from bed and is very difficult. However, his parents, looking at the help of kidneys, tried to find the middle man and pleaded him, who had spent $ 3 million, as he was now spending on the treatment of this young teenager. After all, most of the people have been guilty of this crime. They say human beings are more important than electrical products that should be valued.


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