TikTok will Banned Complaint Filed Against Tik Tok App On Pakistan Citizen Portal

Some media channels are reporting that the app will be blocked in Pakistan from January 10 following this complaint.

According to ARY News, TikTok is about to be banned in Pakistan and from 10th, January 2019 TikTok Pakistan will be completely closed. This news has come as a result of a complaint filed by a Pakistani residing in Nowshera regarding the social media application TikTok. The complaint was filed on the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Citizen Portal App terming the TikTok app as a hazard for Pakistan so it should be blocked.

TikTok Pakistan is adversely affecting Youth

Basically, TikTok is a very famous app nowadays which people use for making short videos. It is a good entertaining app but people from Pakistan are also somehow misusing it. According to some people, this app is adversely affecting our society. Just, for instance, we come across many videos where girls and boys are sexually transmitting any song or dialogue.

As everyone has access to smartphones and the internet so this app is adversely affecting young girls and boys living in Pakistan who are spending most of their time on apps rather than on their studies.  According to market analysis firm Sensor Tower, this app became the most downloaded on Apple’s App Store in the first half of this year. It has beaten out titans like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

This app is popular among young girls, but it exposes them to “caustic comments and other potential abuse.” There are also some media reports about users getting disturbing comments, such as asking for private contact information or to have the user post provocative images.

Another thing about TikTok which is actually pinching families in Pakistan is that many people get a video of someone from social media platforms and then they dub it without the consent of the person in the video. In this way, many young girls and boys are disturbed as their personal video are used this way and is forwarded to millions of people. So TikTok Ban will help many people to get out of the fear of their videos to be misused.

Complaint Filed Against Tik Tok:

Lahore Pakistan  – 7th January, 2019) A citizen belonging to Nowshera has filed a complaint against the social media application TikTok on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Citizen Portal.

The Pakistan Citizen’s Portal was quick to act and immediately forwarded the complaint to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

Some media channels are reporting that the app will be blocked in Pakistan from January 10 following this complaint.

The citizen terms the app to be a “social ill” and hence, it must be blocked in Pakistan.

Since the app’s merger with Musical.ly in November, 2017, TikTok has become a popular social media platform.

The app allows the users to create and remix short videos. TikTok has become quite popular in Pakistan in recent months and its videos often go viral on other social media sites.

A large number of users, mostly youth, use it to upload and browse lip sync videos and memes.

The app is addictive while its use has landed certain people in trouble.

Recently, an SHO of Pakpattan landed himself in hot waters after his TikTok video dancing with a model went viral.

The authorities took an action against SHO Arshad after the videos surfaced and launched an inquiry against him. When the matter came into the attention of Pakpattan DPO Maria Mehmood, she suspended him from duty.Earlier, a female member of Airport Security Force (ASF) whose video dancing on a Bollywood number went viral on social media was suspended for two years.

The ASF staffer had uploaded her video where she was dancing on ‘Nakhra tera ni’ wearing her uniform.


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