Field Music gigs to bring to life moment first world war ended

Sets for Imperial War depository supported ‘sound ranging’ document of guns falling silent

A rare graphic record capturing the precise moment the primary warfare guns finally fell silent is to be dropped at life by the Mercury prize-nominated couple Field Music for 2 performances as a part of the peace centenary commemorations.

David and Peter Brewis have taken as their inspiration the Imperial War depository (IWM) document the top of the War, a recording on photographic equipment of the minute before and minute once the halt of hostilities.

The brothers, whose critically acclaimed albums embrace 2016’s Commontime and 2012’s Plumb, can perform 2 sets, one at IWM London and therefore the another at IWM North in Manchester, supported their interpretation of the whole thing, and exploring the echoes of the war through the century.
The End of the War is associate example of measuring, a technique determinative the coordinates of hostile artillery. Six microphones were placed in an exceedingly curve behind the frontline and a soldier close to the frontline was given a button connected to a string meter, within that every mike was connected to a skinny wire that moved once that mike picked up a sound. As every wire forged a shadow on to a moving piece of photographic paper, a record was made from the sound picked up by every mike.

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The century old-technology suggests that there’s a photographic record of the guns at 11am on Martinmas 1918. trendy technology has since allowed the fire of the minute before to be recreated in an exceedingly sound whole thing at IWM London, wherever listeners will hear the gun’s vibrations through a special wood elbow board.

Field Music, World Health Organization have a name for innovative and varied live performances, were commissioned by the depository to make a ceremonial occasion sound and lightweight show.

David Brewis aforementioned the sets had been galvanized by the graphic record and sound whole thing, that he represented as “this little, incomplete fragment, not way more than an instant, however one that can be each the start and therefore the ending of an enormous story”.
What we’ve got done is basically attempt to capture the echoes of the primary warfare altogether the time since,” he said.

We have taken lots of things, each visually and sonically, from the piece,” he added, explaining the 2 shows would involve animation in addition as songs – some funny.

We have checked out very little stories, events, moments, or technological advances, that happened within the war, or directly once, and drawn a line from there across the following a hundred years.”

As a part of the project, the brothers researched the New Zealand-born doctor Harold Gillies, World Health Organization throughout the war pioneered facial anaplasty and World Health Organization went on to hold out one among the primary gender realignment operations.

The couple were conjointly galvanized by alittle Wisconsin company that developed a replacement material for dressing wounds and so tailored it for the primary trendy hygienical product. the corporate was Kimberly-Clark, and its product referred to as sanitary napkin.

The areas we are going to be activity in are thus unimaginable so intense,” aforementioned Brewis, “so we’ve got to be respectful to the presence of the stories those museums are telling.”


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