24.9 billion pixel camera image torn the world

Do you think 15, 20 or 40 megapixel cameras of your phone are best if this picture of 24.9 billion pixels will perish.

This picture of Shanghai’s China city was wired on Twitter just a few days ago, and you will be surprised by seeing it.

Zoom in any part of this 360 panorama photo and then zoom in and then zoom in and then zoom in.

Yes, if you start looking at the image from the clouds, you can see zoom, grass and more on the road by zooming in.
Of course, there is no part of any photo that you can not see too much details and you are not alone to do so.

Till now millions can go on this link to see these pictures and discover a lot.

People shared their likelihood of Twitter from Twitter in 24.9 pixels.


This photo was taken by Chinese satellite with quantum technology in which you can clearly see the faces of people.

Big pixel for the image of the Shanghai government on Twitter, which took such pictures of some other Chinese cities, was the first picture of Shanghai, which took billions of pixels in Panoramas.

According to the company’s official website, the image has a total accuracy of 195 billion pixels! Depicting the beauty of Shanghai, the viral image is the largest image in Asia and the third largest image in the world.

The project garnered a lot of attention all over the world and received 8.2 million visits in 1 year. The image is now used as a new “city card” to the world.

The large pixel panorama image is a collection of images that have been stitched together, and the company boasts that it is more than 2000 precise than a photo captured from a traditional camera. No satellite has been used for capturing this image. Instead, it is a product of high-resolution cameras and image stitching technology.

Coming back to the viral news published by many tabloids citing some superficial quantum satellite, we have dropped mails to rectify the published articles. We are yet to receive a response from them.

A Twitter user also mistook the picture and tweeted that it has been shot by a satellite. However, she soon rectified her mistake and updated the tweet after conducting some research.


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