Pakistan won the honor of being a junior Scottish schooling champion

Bradford (24 News) Two squad of Pakistan squash indefinite and Alder Tutton’s squad in the Scottish Squash Junior Trophy in the United Kingdom, hit the field in the finals, including the Harris Qasim Asian champion in the Under-the-Taine Championship, Anush Bukhari in Undertarten, Inspector, and the Asian Games in the Undercine final. Defeat Harris Qasim final. According to the details, Pakistan has won the victory in two-day competition. Team coach Asif Khan, coach Fazal Shah, Team Manager Commander Afroab Qureshi, on the brilliant performance of the Pakistan Squash Junior team, has congratulated the Pakistani nation on a new year’s occasion for the great victory. The players of the Sky Scooby Championship Has also been celebrated by the name of the Pakistani nation, and has also appealed to the nation to succeed in the British Junior Sciences Championship in January.

Despite his break from the game as he coached, Hashim never lost that focus.  His performance in the British Open solidified his reputation as Pakistan’s squash hero, but he would not be the last.  Hashim Khan had laid the foundation, but other Pakistanis would continue to build on it – most notably.

While hockey is the national sport of Pakistan, squash is the sport which makes the country famous.  For the better part of five decades, Pakistan has completely dominated squash like no other place in the world.  Between 1950 and 1997, Pakistan won more than 30 British Open titles, 14 World Open titles, and many PSA professional titles


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