A new company in China came to the field to give expensive mobile phones

Real Me announcement to make business in Pakistan is a young generation here

This year, launched by the name “Real Me”, is a branch of Chinese Smartphone brand Opo that will compete with other social companies Shouti and Howa. A new company in China came to the field to give expensive mobile phones.

According to the highly qualified technology provider in Asian countries, their target in Pakistan will be 60% young and it aims to introduce the best smartphone worth 30,000 worth for the youth.

Only 4 months ago, the company, which started its business, has won the title of the fourth largest online brand by selling more than 10 million units in just 4 months.

Similarly Indonesia has set a unique meal record with more than 40,000 units during 21 minutes.

There are huge demand for mobile phones manufactured by Apple and Samsung in Pakistan after Pakistan, in such case, if this company will provide cheap mobile phones with Huawei and Sauchemy, it will definitely have a significant impact on the business of other companiesThe number of mobile phone users in Akkur has increased more than 4 million 96,710 users in October, followed by the number of users using mobile phones in 152.16 million..


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