US:Pakistan’s american blacklist included

The serious concerns of religious freedom ‘, included in Pakistan’s American Blacklist.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has added Pakistan to the list of countries where concerns about religious freedom violations are found.


Regarding Pakistan, the US Department of External Affairs set up a specific rating instead of putting the most outstanding list last year, which was considered a special watch list and it was only Pakistan.
The US has included Pakistan in the list of countries where concerns about religious freedom are found.

In a statement issued in the Tuesday statement, US Secretary of State Mike Pompio said that he made this decision on November 28.

According to the statement, it is all the countries where there are concerns about the International Law of Religious Freedom 1998, or where they are being viewed regularly violated by religious freedom.

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In these countries, apart from Pakistan, Burma, China, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are included.

Mike Pompio had to say more, ‘I have put Comoros, Russia and Uzbekistan in a watch list of governments who are either involved in serious violations of religious freedom or are ignoring it.

Mike Pompio’s statement said, “I have especially worried Al-Qaeda and Al-Qaeda in the island of Arab and in other areas, especially Al-Qaeda, Boko-i-Azam, Al-Qaeda, Islamic Emirate, the Islamic Emirate Khorasan and Taliban. ‘

Describing Mike Pompio’s move, he said, ‘In many remote parts of the world, many people still face death, arrest, and even death due to their lives on their beliefs. ‘

He further said that in this situation the United States will not only play the role of spectacular. The safety and promotion of international laws of religious freedom is involved in the priorities of the Trump Administration’s foreign policy. ‘

He said that protection of religious freedom is essential for ensuring peace, stability and prosperity.

He explained that the aim to include these countries in this list is to improve the lives of the people there. I know many of these countries are trying to improve the situation, I say them welcome. ‘

According to the statement, the United States is committed to working closely with the governments and civil society organizations in the matter of religious freedom worldwide.


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