Shocking discovery: Bank users’ data Hacked

How Bank users’ data Hacked:

The Internet has now become an important component of daily life, computer or smartphone, now with technology, you can get the needs of life, comfort and convenience in the minutes sitting in the house, however, called Internet-based CyberSpace There are risks in the system life where there are easy access .

According to 24 news, there are different types of thieves, called hackers, and if a person or organization is not careful and safe then in minutes, hackers can harm millions of millions, recently a large number of banks in Pakistan Consumer data or information came to be stolen and sold in their black market. This information was mostly the details of these affected users’ credits and ATM cards.

Although the number of users affected by this theft, how much the banks and their affects were affected, the government institutions were not clearly told nor did they investigate on either phenomenon or scientific basis, but it was observed that most local banks Consumer cards were blocked by those who were opened after accuracy of security measures.

Shamir Aamir, 24, of Lahore, has said that the government has not given its responsibility after consuming the data from the banks, the government should be informed about the facts after the investigation of the incident. So that future organizations and individual users can safeguard themselves.

Remember, an American company, which continues to list 10 best moral hackers worldwide, has been counted on third place by Shamir.

He says that the hacker or the thief is not successful because he is very smart, but he succeeds that the user who is victim of her is unconscious, between the banks to pay or transfer through a deposit card Gateway is used. Most banks rely on ‘Visa’ or ‘M.Net’ etc. for this purpose, ‘It may be possible that one of them has been attacked, where the content of the bank is stolen.’


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