California:Confession of 5 million Dollars

Confession of $ 5 million to gambling monsters

Confession of 5 million Dollars22


Two American lobbyists from the US state California Catholic School have admitted that they robbed $ 5 million, in which three million six thousand thousand they spent on gambling in Los Angeles.

Sisters Marie Croperper and Lina Chenggie had stirred up the money from the Saint James Catholic School of Tourism City to play and move.

Both women are also pudding companions.

Shortly before, both were retired. Both of them have expressed their intention on this move.

Nunba Marie Cooper has worked as principal for 29 years at Saint James School. While staying, Cheng has been the teacher of this school for twenty years.

According to the estimates they ran this amount in the past decade.

The school administrators said that the police have been informed about it, but no one will be indicted against both the monks because both of them are very embarrassed to do.

The statement published on the school site states that both the sisters are giving the matter in full examination and they have also accredited the funds for the savings of funds.

The apology on the site has also been asked from the children who read school and their families.

Discovery about the fund’s savings during a manual audit. In the test it also found that many check-ups for school fees were collected in the same period during the period of which the school had no relation with the school.

Parents of school children found this issue in the same month


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