few Disclosures:Life of Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Teacher Disclosures About Mohammed bin Salman’s.

The world failed to apprehend abundant regarding the ability of sensible grip on the disputation of the Saudi disputation within the world, aristocrat Muhammad Bin Salman. Rashid Ski of BBC Arabic Service, World Health Organization had tutored Life of Prince Mohammed bin Salman few Disclosures in childhood, has created some revelations regarding his royal life.

In 1996, once I was learning at Aanjal college in Jeddah’s most revered establishment, a memoranda came daily on a phone. aristocrat of capital of Saudi Arabia, aristocrat Salman ibn Abdul Aziz was briefly affected to Jeddah, the coastal town of armed service Ahmadi, and he required a tutor to show his kids English.

I was immediately transferred to the person’s house that later became King of the Saudi Arabia so that I could become a tutor of children born from his first wife and teach them English at their palace. It was the Prince of Turkey, Prince Naveed, Prince Khalid and indeed Prince Mohammad.

I lived in a flat in a modern area of the city. A big car would take me from Ananjal School every morning at 7:00 am and then I went to the palace after I got there. The car driver used to take me to the castle.

Passing through the security part of the palace, when the vehicle entered, there were rocky palaces, employees wearing white uniforms used to work very hard. There was a car park opposite the buildings where a flat of the world’s unique luxury cars stood. There I saw a cordial car car for the first time.

After this fortress came to the royal palace, Mansoor Shohri, a fort of the age old, was the palace of the castle, took me inside the castle. The eleven-year-old Mohammad bin Salman was very grateful to him.

Mohammed used to spend more time with the guard guards instead of his studies. Being the eldest in his brothers, he was apparently allowed to obey himself.

It was able to control younger princes as long as Muhammad ibn Salman was not there.

I remember when we were studying, he used to be using Walkie Talkie that he used to bring from his guards. He used to say about me on the Walkie Talkie, a fascinating and fascinating phrase, and describes my brothers and mysteries as a league.

Today, the Prince of Saudi Arabia is the defense minister of Saudi Arabia and is the heir of the Saudi kingdom. After becoming the most absolute ruler of Saudi Arabia last year, Mohammed bin Salman took the stand as a new leader of Saudi Arabia.

Being opposed to conservative scholars, he implemented a long-term economic reform for the Kingdom and promoted a liberal trend in the most conservative society.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman:’

They have been praised due to these measures, but criticized Saudi Arabia’s worst worst situation in Yemen, the war in Yemen and the recent Saudi journalist Jamal Khashisjee in the Saudi consulate in Turkey. Are also targeted.

Life of Prince Mohammed bin Salman2.

Saudi Arabia has accused of killing Jamal Khashashjee on eleven people, but said that Prince Mohammed bin Salman was not involved in the murder.

At one point I was worried when Prince Mohammad told me that his mother, the princess, says I think a true gentleman. I do not remember I had ever met them. Saudi Arabia’s royal family does not meet stranger men. And if I met a lady in the palace, she had come to a Filipino princess.

Even until the future of the Old Testament that the CCTV cameras are on the walls, I was unaware that someone was looking at me. Then I was very careful reading.

Shortly afterwards I began to like Muhammad and his younger brothers. Although I read these princes in an excellent environment, and my students used to read the same as my other disciples, but they were more interested in playing games.


When I look at this brief time of my life, I am seeing my youth planting in global honeymoon.



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