Back to the Congress in Northern India

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After India’s opposition party Congress has been out of power for 6 years, in Chhattisgarh, the ruling party is betrayed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Bharatiya Janata Party and has additionally won the bulk in Rajasthan.wiil be Back to the Congress in Northern India.

The state of North is additionally within the final stages of the Congress election leads to Madhya Pradesh before of BJP. The come back of the Congress to those states indicates the turning purpose within the country’s electoral politics.

According to expectations within the southern state of Telangana, the regional party TSS was self-made. The Congress and its allies remained within the second place. The BJP couldn’t get any special success within the state.
The Regional Frontier Front Front has additionally got the bulk within the North japanese state, and therefore the Congress remained second. Even here the BJP couldn’t do something special.
In the coming back few months, despite the parliamentary elections, these state elections are being given plenty of importance. the autumn of Congress started with the recognition knee within the northern states
In previous parliamentary elections, the BJP won most of its seats from northern states like province, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. The Congress returns to a few states of those states, indicating the danger of the BJPIt has not solely achieved a replacement power from the Congress win within the northern states, however it’s additionally become the political standing of party leader Rahul Gandhi’s leadership. With these results, the trail of unity between the Congress and therefore the regional parties in province and Bihar became swish. The Congress is attempting to determine a broad alliance with Akhilishi Yadav, Mayaiyati and Lalu’s party in province and Bihar. once these results the alliance’s efforts are going to be sharpened.

Back to the Congress in Northern India

BJP has been in power said Syed Zafar Islam.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s power-sharing power BJP faces a robust political challenge for the primary time. it’s not been see you later for political observers to elect Modi as “unbelievable” and “cultural leader”. everybody was talking Modi for the second term, however with this result Modi and his party have gotten nice political maps.
BJP interpreter Syed Zafar Islam aforementioned BBC: ‘BJP has been in power during a very long time within the northern states. that is why the party’s defeat isn’t terribly surprising and can not have an effect on its parliamentary identity

But Congress leader Prinanka Chatterrodi says that the results replicate the general public anger of the Prime Minister Modi’s government.

Congress can currently acquire parliamentary elections with new power and enthusiasm.
General Manmohan Singh leader and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal aforementioned during a tweet message that tally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has begun.

On the opposite hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has still unbroken silence

Observers say that these results of state assemblies are important within the background of the country’s current politics. once these results the activities of parliamentary elections within the country can accelerate and therefore the BJP leadership can should founded a replacement electoral strategy.


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