President Donald Trump denies offering $1 million for Warren DNA test

President Donald Trump denies offering that he offered Sen. Elizabeth Warren $1 million to require a take a look at proving her Native yank heritage, while he did simply that.

Trump spoke when Warren had the president’s challenge and free released the results of a DNA test showing she has distant Native ascendant.

“I did not say that. You’d higher scan it once more,” Trump told reporters at the White House once asked concerning his $1 million provide.

Responding to an issue concerning Warren’s take a look at, Trump said, “Who cares?”

During a campaign rally on Gregorian calendar month five, Trump taunted Warren for her claims of Native yank ancestry, a staple of his campaign stump speeches.

“I can offer you 1,000,000 bucks, purchased by Trump, to your favorite charity, if you’re taking the take a look at and it shows you’re an Indian,” Trump aforementioned at the time. “I have a sense she’s going to say ‘no.’ ”

In a series of tweets on Monday, Warren known as on Trump to pay the $1 million to charity.

“NIWRC may be a non-profit-making operating to guard Native ladies from violence,” Warren aforementioned, bearing on the National autonomous Women’s Resource Center. “More than 1/2 all Native ladies have veteran sexual violence, and also the majority of violent crimes against Native Americans area unit perpetrated by non-Natives. Send them your $1M check.”

Warren is seen as a potential Democratic opponent for Trump within the 2020 presidential election, and Trump reiterated his belief he would simply defeat the Massachusetts legislator if she chooses to run.

Trump was speaking before traveling to American state and Georgia to tour harm from cyclone archangel.



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